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Bethlehem Lutheran Church Organizations

Mens' Club - A service organization of the congregation's men that supports and aids in both financial and spiritual needs.  Formerly associated with Lutheran Laymen's League (LLL) and closely associated with Lutheran Hour Ministries.
Current Officers include:   President - Don Koester
Secretary - Daryl Dahman         
Treasurer - Willie Kankel

Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) - The LWML is an active service organization of the congregation that contributes spiritually, as well as aiding in care for our elderly members and college students.  They are associated at the local and national levels with the synod-wide LWML.
Current Officers include:  President - Karen Gaskamp
Vice President - Sandra Schwartz
Secretary - Susan Dieterich
Treasurer - Stephanie Dahman

Youth League - An active part of the ministry here at Bethlehem, our youth combine fun, fellowship, and service.  They meet often to uphold one another spiritually and support the congregation.
Current Officers include:  President - Alyssa Hayden
Vice President - Eliya Moldenhauer
Secretary - Emily Searle
Treasurer - Alaina Kohring

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